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Animation Student

About Me

My name is David Villanueva and I am a student currently enrolled at East Carolina University. My ambition is to graduate with a degree in animation and continue sharing ideas in my future career path. Within this website is the work I have compiled throughout ECU as well as some personal work/drawings.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Ball Bounce

The first assignment in our animation survey, a 2D ball bounce, taught us how to manipulate squash and stretch techniques to further exaggerate the movement of the ball. For my ball bounce, I used a Pokèball for the surprise ending. Aspects from the TV show and video game, Pokèmon, were my influences into making this animation.

Google Doodle

(Click the image for the Animation!)

For this project, we were given the choice of a historical figure and assigned the task to commemorate a "Google Doodle" for said person. I decided to dedicate my Google Doodle animation to the Jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald.

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Creepy Character

Belgriss - Character Sheet
The finalized design for my character, Belgriss! Belgriss began as an idea of a pterodactyl combined with a radio. The idea behind this project was to combine an animal with a mechanical part of our choice to create a spooky character.

Belgriss has knobs on the side of his head that shift his emotions and also affect the dark inner part of his stomach area. This is where the radio aspect of this creature comes in. Audio can be relayed through here.

Early Process - Sketching
After deciding what features to bring over from my original animal, the pterodactyl, I began sketching out what he would look like with many other features. To stray away as far from the original species as I could.

This was one of the alternative ideas thought of while designing Belgriss. This version adds different back legs, removing its bug aspect. Also, more spikes are included toward the end along with a more spherical behind.
This idea was eventually scrapped to make the shell of Belgriss make more sense with the inclusion of bug legs.

Z Brush Turntable
After finalizing this characters design after numerous sketches we take the concept and bring it into Zbrush to create its 3D model.

2D - Creepy Character Video Game

The Game
After creating all of the game art it was time to compile all of it into my first 2D game. I worked in Unity, Illustrator, and Photoshop to create the aspects shown in the video. Jump, idle, and run animations are listed below.

Idle Animation Sheet
A sheet of Belgriss's idle animation. In this sheet he's animated to nod his head, blink once, and jitter slightly to more so emphasize his bug like aspect.

Run Cycle

Jump Sheet

Game Tokens
These are the tokens used in the game to win. I created an 8-Bit version of the monster to resemble sort of a "1-Up" feel and a crystal, also shown in the game's background image.

Background Image
Belgriss has the main environment in which he lives in. This area is what you see here with the game's background image. It is a dark and moist cave which holds numerous types of crystals, a substance Belgriss enjoys to eat.

Win Screen

ART 3070

Space Shooter

Experience a top-down shooter in the mind of a child. It is Remi's playtime, but his mother and the playful creatures Remi imagines are trying to take away his spaceship. The "RKT-36"! Or so he thinks. His spaceship is really a packaging cardboard box, his mother is actually just trying to clean and the monsters are actually his toys. Join Remi's hyperactive imagination in his space shooter!

Lost Magic - Game Concept Art

"Lost Magic" - AI Game
Join our protagonist, Beatrix, as she unveils the hidden truths about magic. As a young spellcaster, she sets out on a journey to the "Tomb of Ancients." Here she comes across the "Orb of Spells", an orb powerful enough to help any mage conjurer any spell. The player must sneak past an AI-controlled enemy, also known as the Guardian of the Tomb. A large monster that sleeps and protects over the Orb of Spells. The player may choose to engage in combat or stay hidden and retrieve the orb. But be careful as the Guardian of the Tomb is a formidable foe.

Down below are concept sketches of the game as well as the final art pieces.

Covid Response .Gif Assignment


3D Room - Concert Hall
Created in Maya, this was the camera paneling movie of my Concert Hall room. A room modeled after an auditorium in modern time. This room was mostly inspired by my previous hobbies within the music. I wanted to create something also nostalgic to me, that way I'd have a strong interest in what I was creating.

Image Stills

"Mechanics" Animation

Lip Sync Test

Motion Graphics

Kinetic Type - Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

This is a kinetic type based on the final scenes of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Art and Animations are all created by me, however, the characters themselves belong to Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World's creator, Bryan Lee O'Malley.

Polaroid Loading / Animation

A loading and basic animation for Polaroid's logo. Using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects I was able to create a short little animation for each scenario.

Themescape - Orbit

A lot was unfortunately scrapped from the original storyboard. So to compromise and meet the deadline, I condensed the idea and made it more theme based around orbits and space rather than having a full narrative.

Kinetic Storyboard

Polaroid Storyboards


Basic Animation

Themescape Storyboard

Title Sequence - Night Circus

Montage - Flavors of Life

Stop Motion - Bard Song

Spring 2021 - Capstone Animations

For this assignment, I complied 8 different clips of animation. Below you will see my motion graphic, explosion, ghost loop, run, logo, socials, and wind animations!

Introduction to Capstone - Capstone 1
Motion Graphic Animation

Capstone 2 - Explosion

Capstone 3 - Ghost Loop

Capstone 5 - Run Animation

Capstone 6 - Logo Animation - Demo Reel

Capstone 7 - Socials

Capstone 8 - Gust of Wind